Property settlement after separation

Do you require advice about property settlement after separation from a FAMILY & DIVORCE LAWYERS, PERTH, please contact SAHARAN FAMILY & CRIMINAL LAWYERS to seek advice from experienced FAMILY LAWYERS, PERTH.

It is important you get legal advice as soon as possible. We deal with PROPERTY SETTLEMENT, DIVORCE, and CHILD CUSTODY ISSUES regularly. We understand the law and what steps you need to take to protect yourself and your assets.

Is Australia the appropriate jurisdiction for your matter?

Were you in a defacto relationship and do you meet the requirements to file a claim for property settlement in Australia?

How long were you married?

How long have you been separated from your former partner?

Have you been divorced?

Do you have any children from the relationship?

Are you worried that your partner may dispose of some of the financial assets to defeat your claim?

Is there a family violence?

Do you require financial support after separation from your former partner?

If any of the above applies to you, then you need to obtain urgent legal advice from experienced FAMILY LAWYERS PERTH.

All these are important issues and you need advice from a lawyer who has expertise in both family law and criminal law. Please contact our office to speak with a FAMILY LAWYER, PERTH, CRIMINAL LAWYER, PERTH.

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