Do you need advice from a FAMILY LAWYERS PERTH regarding contravention of orders?

Contravention occurs when one party breaches orders of the Family Court. It can be a breach of a parenting order under Division 13A of Part VII of the Family Law Act 1975, or an order not affecting parenting matters, for example a financial order under Part XIII of the Family Law Act 1975.

Making a contravention is a serious matter as it can have serious ramifications for the parties? Please contact our office to speak with an experienced FAMILY LAWYER PERTH.

Before filing an Application for contravention, you should consider the result you want to achieve. The reliefs available from the Court range from the enforcement of an order to the punishment of a person for failure to obey an order. For example, the Court may order that:

  • ensures the resumption of the arrangements set out in an earlier order;
  • varies an existing order;
  • compensates a person for lost visits time;
  • puts a person on notice that if the person does not comply with an order, the person will be punished;
  • or punishes a person by way of a fine or imprisonment.

Do you need to apply for a contravention or an application to enforce the current orders?

There are several matters you need to consider to answer the above question. Please contact our office to speak with an experienced FAMILY LAWYER PERTH.

To understand your legal rights and responsibilities you should obtain legal advice from experienced FAMILY LAWYERS PERTH. A FAMILY LAWYER can explain how the law applies to your case and point in the right direction.

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